In Boheme De Luxe, passion means everything. Sustainability, tradition, choice of materials and good craftsmanship are our trademarks

We style your home with soul and passion in unique and outstanding designs, made from natural and. sustainable materials.

Our products, a mix and match of tables, benches, mirrors, chairs, rugs, cushions, poufs, candlesticks, lamps, chandeliers, large plant pots and much more, are made from our own workshops in Spain and Indonesia or carefully chosen and handpicked from various other parts of the world.

We seek to provide inspiration for your home decoration needs and to create harmonious balance between design, comfort, function, materials and outstanding quality, that all together will create that certain warm and unique bohemian lifestyle All finishes will vary slightly, because of the nature of the organic materials, we prefer for most of the products – however, we do  control the quality of each and every product from start to finish.

We are also offering to take on tasks in decorating entire homes, businesses or just a single room.


We produce refectory rustic tables in our own workshop in different designs, woods and sizes and offer customization, so you can get the exact table of your dreams, that will appear harmonious and adjusted in length and width to the room it stands in.

All our tables are handcrafted from handpicked solid  hardwoods, such as oak, pine, suar and other exotic species, as requested. Each piece can be customized to the customer´s individual needs.

Feel free to contact us for an estimate on a special request and we will be happy to build your dream table, that matches your style and aesthetic and practical vision



At Boheme de Luxe our philosophy is simple – we intend to accessorize your home with only genuine unica handcrafted materials and products.

We love to add character, style & sophication to your homely environment with a range of beautiful home decor,
such as cushions, lamps, candlesticks, mirrors and tables.

We are suppliers of products that will colour up your home, and aim high in quality and aesthetics.

New Products

Our selection of outdoor furniture will make you want to be out all year round

These beautiful handmade accessories are made using the finest materials

We are so proud of our furniture, we cannot even live without them

Our showroom is open by appointment
Make your appointment here : +45 51514256/ info@bohemedeluxe.com